Q: What's included in the ticket price?
A: The following is included in your ticket price:
  • Registration to participate in all Coach Camp Canada activities
  • The selected type of room (Single or Double) for Friday and Saturday night
    • check-in is after 4pm on Friday; check-out is by 12:00pm on Sunday
  • Meals:
    • Friday: Dinner
    • Saturday: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
    • Sunday: Breakfast + Lunch
  • Water, coffee, and tea throughout the day
  • On-site parking
  • All tips & gratuities
  • All taxes (including HST) and fees
Q: I'm a new participant considering attending. What might I expect?
A: This is a great question. Agile Coach Camp welcomes new participants, whether you're an Agile Coach, a Scrum Master, an Agile practitioner, or take on other roles. We are an inclusive and diverse group of professionals. To set expectations for new participants, Agile Coach Camp Canada is an Un-Conference, focused on growing the Agile coaching community. 
Q: What exactly is an Un-Conference?
A: It's an event where there are no keynote speakers, no preset agenda ahead of the event. But rather, a safe and inclusive, welcoming space where you are responsible for your own learning, where the agenda will be co-created by the participants who attend; we'll be talking about the most important things to you. You don't have to be an expert on a topic to propose a session, just have a desire to learn about whatever it is you propose. We establish a purpose -- which is to grow the Agile coaching community -- provide an inspiring all-inclusive retreat container, use Open Space Technology (OST) to hold the space, and let magic emerge and unfold. We want people who want to come and learn from, and with, each other. 
Q: What happens if I sign-up for a double room and don't have a roommate?
A: The ACCCA Organizing Team will match you up with another person who has also signed up for a double room without a roommate.
Q: Can I get a ride pick-up from the train station?
A: We can try to help coordinate rides from the Cornwall VIA Station closer to the event date. Cornwall also offers local taxi services: Choice Taxi. While we'll help where we can, getting to the event (and home after) is really up to you.
Q: I am arriving late on Friday and will likely miss the delicious dinner buffet. But I know I'll be hungry. Can you help me out?
A: Yes. Email us ahead of the conference and let us know. We'll make sure you get some food.
Q: I am leaving early on Sunday and will miss the delicious lunch buffet. What can you do for me?
A: Please let us know before the event and we'll arrange to have a packed lunch available for you to take with you.
Q: How do I get to Nav Centre?
Q: Can I join the Agile Coach Camp Canada mailing list?
A: Yes you can. Click here to add your first name, last time and email address and you'll be opting in to be part of our mailing list. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates and other things we think are useful to the community.
Q: I've heard that the NAV Centre, where you're holding this event, is confusing to find your way around in. Is this true?
A: Yes. All the rumours are true. The good news is that you'll find the organizers are there to help, and the staff at the centre are pretty good. There are also signs, and everything is in both English and French.
Q: Is the venue fully accessible?
A: Yes.
Q: I've heard that the NAV Centre offers a UAV/Drone Certification Course. Is this included as part of my registration?
A: No.
Q: It's a draw for tickets this year? Does that mean that if I register more than once, it'll increase my chances of getting a ticket?
A: No. In fact, it'll have the opposite effect. Not only is it not fair to register multiple times, it's not in the spirit of what we stand for as a community. We'll be filtering out duplicates and removing them from the list. If you've decided to put your name on the list multiple times, we'll remove all of your registrations. But, we'd like to think we're a mature enough group to follow the spirit and intent of this approach, making it more fair and more accessible than it's been in previous years.
Q: How do I know the draw for tickets will be fair?
A: When you add your name to the waitlist, you'll be assigned a number. We'll be using a random number generator that we had nothing to do with creating, so no influence as to what numbers it will draw. The organizer processing this will record his screen, and will have it available for audit purposes. 
Q: Does this draw process apply to everyone?
A: No. It doesn't apply to: the Volunteer Event Organizers, the Event Facilitators, and ticket designated for our sponsors.
Q: What are other options for payment?
A: If you prefer to use other means of payment (e.g. email money transfer) please contact us at info@agilecoachcampcanada.ca and we will invoice you accordingly. The total cost of the event, include all transaction fees, apply and your total remains the same. Please allow us some time as we will be doing this manually.
Q: I'm allergic to certain foods. And I don't eat gluten. Or meat.
A: So first of all, that's not a question. Those are statements. But that's okay, because we're going to ask you if you have any dietary restrictions when you register. When you fill that out, we'll make sure the staff know, and there will be food that you can eat.
Q: What if I still have questions?
A: If you still have a questions, please reach out to us via email at info@agilecoachcampcanada.ca
Q: Wow. This all sound great. So how exactly do I register?
A: We're so glad you asked. There's a new process to register this year, and you can find out all the details and actually register for the event by following this link.