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While we are passionate about the work we do, we are also pragmatic about ensuring that the services that we deliver fit with your organization and your goals. The relationship that we build with you is of utmost importance. Learn more about us here: https://agilepainrelief.com/


Agile by Design helps organizations achieve business agility at scale through a thoughtful, design-driven approach to organizational change. We are dedicated to delivering the finest services and experience to our clients. Visit us at http://agilebydesign.com/


It’s Understood offers training and mentoring in coaching and facilitation - key 21st century business skills. We help you talk so people listen, listen so people talk and build better, saner, more productive workplaces.

In our learning programs, you'll explore skills that build connection, collaboration and understanding and lead to strong teams and good decisions. We are accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile). We work with you to change the world, one conversation at a time. Find out more at http://itsunderstood.com

Leading for Change is dedicated to the growth of genuine leadership. We work with people who have tried all the usual approaches to change yet continue to churn on the same issues. We challenge the status quo and help you unleash your inner leadership strengths to do the same.

We specialize in shifting the cultural conditions by helping leaders change their view of leadership and what’s truly important. Leading for Change does this through our unique programs, retreats and workshops. We also offer one on one coaching and mentoring for individual leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches who want to grow themselves. Find out more at https://leadingforchange.ca/