Month: January 2019

Interested in networking/discussing agile/scrum related issues, and sharing experiences.

To exchange with other coaches: get perspective on practice, challenges, learn new ways of doing things, humble myself.

Improve coaching skills/Gradual Transitioning into full fledged coaching

To learn and get inspired by my fellow practitioners.

Looking to elevate my my coaching and facilitation and learn from the masters!

To learn and share new techniques and approaches of Coaching and to socialize

To connect with other Agile Practitioners and share insights.

To grow as an agile coach, through experiences and knowledge sharing. To maintain and grow the connections with a group of fabulous people. To have fun and find new ways to disturb the status quo.

learn about this agile thig

Keep up to date with the latest Agility work! Connect with like-minded people! Share experience and knowledge!